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Looking for the BEST-IN-THE-BUSINESS mentor, coach or service provider?
Then we’ve done the work for you, and they’re right here, giving away some of their best stuff!

They are looking for the perfect entrepreneurs like you, who they can add massive value to, in 2018

So, to get the most out of these offers,

  • Paul J. Lange

    Paul helps founders, business owners & C-Level executives grow the asset value of their business to optimise the company to better scale for growth, expansion and a more profitable strategic exit by improving how the business works, internally, with clients, systematically, and humanly.

    Worth $8990

    The 1st prize winner will receive a full pass for the X20 Growth Transformation Accelerator.

    The X20 Growth ‘Transformation Accelerator’ is about transforming:

    • The look and feel of the business
    • The way you do business
    • The way you communicate and interact with customers, clients and internally
    • The profitability of the business
    • The efficiency of both human and technology resources within the business
    • The effectiveness of, and return on, your investment in people and technology
    • Further it is about evolving all areas for the future so that the business will either never, or never again, stagnate in any of these areas.

    At the end of the 2 days you will know all about how to transform your brand and business profits in the next 12 months, and you will take away the following tools, resources and materials to help you execute and implement:

    • Brand Audit, Brand Strategy & Situational Analysis
    • Brand Positioning, Brand Guidelines & Communication Strategy
    • Strategic Creative Framework to Create a Leading Brand
    • Understanding What Works in Digital Design & Digital Marketing & How to Measure It!
    • How to Grow an Effective, Responsive Database & What To Do With It!
    • 12 month Growth Cashflow and Budget
    • Strategic Marketing Plan
    • Strategic Business Plan
    • Strategic Sales Plan
    • 12 Month Scalable Systemisation Blueprint
    • 4 x Weekly Group Coaching Execution & Accountability Follow Up
    • Access to Online Tools & Resources
    • 5 Steps to Securing Private Equity Investors for Your Business
    • Bonus: Introduction to the most exclusive international business club (The Empire Club) and VIP Dinner

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    Worth $1647

    You will receive “From Job to Juice”, a 9 part online program that takes you through the steps of Paul’s Inspired Process Technique. Paul has used IPT to help business owners create multi-million dollar companies including a financial services business that went from startup to a $1 Billion loan book in just over 3 years and was written up by Business Review Weekly (BRW) and Australian Financial Review (AFR).

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  • R!k Schnabel

    We train leaders and life coaches, turning them into transformational experts and key change makers within their chosen field of expertise.

    Worth $3,997.00

    Life Coach & NLP Practitioner Certificate – Level i

    If you want to grow your business, your career or your life – you must grow you first.

    This is ideal if you want to unlock your current mindset and play a bigger game or transport yourself into a better life. If you want to build a new or better version of you or you desire to be that amazing leader, life coach or trainer, it will soon become evident that this course is a must do on the road to your ultimate successful journey.

    Learn how to transform yourself and others beyond your limitations and stop self-sabotage. Discover how to become a master communicator and build instantaneous rapport and learn the world’s most advanced coaching models from one of the world’s most successful coaches who has enjoyed 16 years in the field. His name is R!k Schnabel and he will be your personal trainer.

    This training includes:

    • PreTraining Audio Program – 30 hours
    • Life Coaching Business Systems Video Training (How to Run a Successful Life Coaching Business – 20 Hours
    • NLP and Life Coaching Intensive Live Training – 80 Hours Face to Face Training
    • NLP and Life Coach Practice Program – 12 Months (not mandatory, but helpful)
    • NLP and Life Coach Webinars – 24 Hours

    This training is a Nationally Accredited and Internationally recognised Certification program which means you can legally obtain the necessary insurances to practice as a Coach and Practitioner. At the end of the live training, you will graduate with the following Certificates:

    • Life Coach Certificate
    • Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner Certificate
    • Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Certificate

    Should you choose to use this training to not only transform personally, but to work either part or full time as a Life or Business Coach, our graduates usually charge between $100 and $350 per hour as a professional Coach.

    The specific modules that you will learn are transformative and accelerate success in every area of your life. That is why this course is favoured by the world’s best Coaches, Managers and Leaders.

    Rik walks that line between creating a sense of empathy, understanding, equality, and ease with his students while clearly having achieved way more than any of us who were in the room at the time, and living a life that is indeed the one many of us dream of. He is a role model, without any sense of superiority or judgement; he is a spiritually wise, without being preachy or closed-minded; he has a clear and powerful sense of purpose and ethics without advocating his ways to anyone else; and he has fine-tuned over many years, his living and teaching techniques as only a master can.
    Your Training Prize Outcomes:

    1. Learn 15 Coaching models that can literally change any negative behaviour.
    2. Understand the mind/body inter-relationship and how to get results.
    3. Improve internal and external communication with self and others.
    4. Acquire the skills to develop deep level rapport in seconds, with anyone.
    5. Learn the world’s most advanced corporate coaching model that show you how to coach a client to succeed in their career, business or personally.
    6. Become an influential communicator using visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, auditory digital language and hypnotic language patterns.
    7. Discover how to shift and master your emotional state.
    8. Master how to read a person’s eye-patterns and what they mean.
    9. Change your recall of the past negative experiences.
    10. Discover the 6 neurological levels of all human behaviour.
    11. Enable your senses to dramatically improve their awareness’s.
    12. Learn powerful and commanding questions that elicit ideal behaviour.
    13. Discover how to shift disempowering neural strategies.
    14. Change behaviour by mastering the art of metaphor.
    15. Discover how to remove a neurological conflict
    16. Learn how to dramatically improve your memory
    17. Improve your memory by improving your retention strategies
    18. Understand the Reticular Activating System (RAS) and how to change its focus from undesirable behaviour to desirable behaviour
    19. Discover the psychological science of manifestation and how to change your program
    20. Learn how to set up your successful Coaching Business
    21. Get the tips and helpful hacks to market your Coaching business to earn a minimum of $50,000 part time. This is ideal for anyone who wants to transition from their current career to become a leader or coach.


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    Worth $477.00

    The Rich Mind Program

    Mindset truly matters. There is a good reason that some people get to live the life of their dreams while the rest are still dreaming.

    This is an online program that you can enjoy from anywhere in the world and runs over 90 days. This program is ideal if you want to unlock your prosperous mindset and manifest a bigger, better or more joyous life.

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  • John Abbott

    Audience Awakening Authority

    With 25 years in building multiple, multi-million dollar business, 10 years as an events and product promotions agency and almost 6 years in perfecting the Giving Model, John now runs training, coaching and services around how to “Wake Up” your audience, and have them taking immediate action.

    Worth $ 2,495

    Access to the unique Giving Model Training that grow your list, sells your high-end programs, whilst giving back automatically.

    6 Months live online mentoring program, with almost 6 years of trial and error, massive failures and success, turned into a simple easy to use process.

    What you get:

    • Giving Model Formula, for Profit
    • Giving Model Process, for Audience Attraction
    • Website Funnel Templates
    • Template Promotional Emails
    • High Converting Sales Scripts
    • Bi-Monthly, live coaching sessions
    • Video Sales Training
    • Profitable Partners Training
    • And much more …

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    Worth $295

    Interactive Web Series – Creating Lifelong Partnerships that keep on Giving

    How to create marketing partnerships with people across the world and have them promoting you and even paying you for the privilege. Over 3, 45 minute sessions you’ll truly grasp what it takes to;

    • Identify the best partnerships for you
    • Create a hinge that makes it a no brainer to partner togther
    • Build a campaign that gives massive value to all involved
    • Communicate and support the relationship that creates a delightful experience
    • Integrate a giving process that connects everyone, from the heart

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  • Estela Kun

    Freedom-preneur, host of virtual and live events and education, focusing on Location Independent Lifestyle. We stretch the boundaries of the conventional work style, reinvent and educate people about new models of living and working.

    Worth $2,490

    Break free from the norm and what society expects you to be.

    You get to join our 8-weeks Intense Freedom Method Bootcamp Program and get weekly boosts of inspiration, personal guidance and community support on your journey to Freedom.

    This course is the perfect kickstart in the right direction to help you start planning, growing and expanding your freedom lifestyle in areas where you are the most challenged. This is not a magic pill, however it is an essential start to your journey, so don’t expect to be fully up and running as location independent in 30 days (although that has been done before).

    Only 0.001% of people have actually succeeded in achieving absolute freedom in the real world, it takes time, persistence, willingness, learning, motivation, trust, and more to get going! That said, this program is focused on shifting that statistic, for the good.

    Bootcamp Goals:

    1. Gain clarity on what freedom means to YOU and what changes you want to be making in your life
    2. Reality check and self-assessment: Being honest about where you are in life and what aspects of your life needs a “workout”.
    3. Setting milestones so you can your measure and achieve the freedom life you want.
    4. Connect with a like-minded community of people.
    5. Get regular energising, that helps your belief of being able to achieve this!
    6. Get inspiration to dare to dream big
    7. Have confidence to show up and say what you want
    8. Get mentorship to support you on this journey
    9. Realise you limitations and fears that are holding you back
    10. Create a plan of action that’s customised for where you are now
    11. Take actions in your everyday life that makes you feel more free and happy

    What’s Included:

    •    1 on 1 Clarity Session with Estela before the program starts
    •    8 x 90min Weekly Group Calls and Expert Sessions
    •    Daily Checkin and Personal Work
    •    FB Community
    •    All Materials

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    Worth $290

    Full access to Freedom Summit 2018 virtual conference and a complimentary copy of the best selling, ‘Freedom by Design’ book, that brought together 15+ globally respected change-makers and thought-leaders to share their biggest challenges and methods in creating a life of Freedom, a life lived on their own terms.

    You will be meeting virtually and through the electronic book: Casey Fenton, the founder of Couchsurfing, learn about blockchain technology, energy management in the workplace, how to build a remote team and build a global, freedom business and so much more.

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  • Carolyn Crawford

    When it’s time to present, do you get nervous? Wonder if they’ll listen? If it’s engaging?
    I’m a 23-year presentation coach who’s helped 11,500 business people in Australia’s largest corporations halve their prep time & double their impact, through clear, confident, powerful presentations. And now I’m on a mission to help entrepreneurs like you, do the same

    Worth $3,995

    Free access to our full 12-week ‘gold class’ online presentation training including:
    * A free copy of our Amazon best-selling ‘Presenting To The Max’ book
    * 14 x training videos that guide you simply and clearly through the process
    * 12 x 1.5-hour online training meetings
    * 1-on-1 coaching to prepare and rehearse your upcoming presentations
    * Downloadable worksheets to help you easily apply the tools
    * Crib notes for quick reference

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    Worth $935

    Free access to the first 3 powerful modules of our 8-week ‘silver class’ online presentation training including:
    * A free copy of our Amazon best-selling ‘Presenting To The Max’ book
    * 4 x training videos that guide you simply and clearly through the process
    * 3 x 1-hour online training meetings
    * Downloadable worksheets to help you easily apply the tools
    * Crib notes for quick reference

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  • Break into Bitcoin

    You’ve heard everyone talking about Bitcoin but do you know what it is and how to make a choice whether to get involved? We support everyday people in their quest for knowledge and education in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space.

    Worth $1,997

    Get access to your very own personal ‘Crypto Conceirge’ for 30 days. We will work alongside you and help you to get started in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  This prize will enable you to participate in the biggest transfer of wealth of our time.

    Week 1: Setting up your online wallet and buying your first Bitcoin
    Week 2: Growing your Bitcoin on autopilot
    Week 3: Investing in other cryptocurrencies
    Week 4: Managing your portfolio

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    Worth $97

    Get access to our online ‘Crypto Crash Course’. This series of videos gives you a solid education in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and supports you in participating in the biggest transfer of wealth of our time.


  • Jules Brooke

    Handle Your Own PR has helped over a thousand small business owners to make millions of dollars’ worth of media exposure by running their own PR campaigns. Using her online boot camps, coaching and PR tools, Jules’ students have been on TV, radio and been featured in magazines and newspapers nationally. Many have gone on to huge success in their business.

    Worth $3000

    Restricted to a maximum of ten business owners at a time in order for you to get maximum attention, our PR Accelerator is designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs get 3 months’ worth of media exposure in two days. We help you understand how to create a PR strategy, we work with you to generate 3 months’ worth of newsworthy angles for your business and then teach you how to pitch their stories to the media.

    During the event, Jules will help you understand:

    • All about the PR process
    • Defining your target market and target media
    • Building your media contact lists
    • How to write and format a media release
    • What to say when talking to the media and who to speak to
    • The power of follow up and how to do it
    • Creating your PR strategy for 3 months
    • Finding newsworthy angles
    • Using the online platform

    The event is super practical. You get to plan your 3 month campaign and write your media releases at the event, with experts on hand to collaborate and brainstorm with you. Once you know your newsworthy angles, you build your media contact list for at least the first three media releases. We even encourage you to send out your first media release at the event.

    We don’t stop there though! We also  provide 3 months’ unlimited media contacts via our PR Campaign management platform, access to our closed Facebook support group, and you can get help from Jules or any of our PR experts over the phone if you get stuck at any time over the following quarter.

    The event is held in Melbourne every two months.

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    Worth $1500

    6 Part Online Video PR Lessons

    Learning how to run your own PR campaign is a valuable skill to have. Editorial is such a powerful way to gain awareness for your story, it’s worth putting in the effort now for long term results. The more you try it, the easier it will become!

    Learn at your own pace with our 6 part video boot camp lessons (edited from a live boot camp series)

    The video lessons will help you:

    • work out the right angle/s for your stories
    • consider what, if any supporting material you should have (research, client comments etc)
    • write your media release with advice along the way and tweaking where necessary
    • put the pitch together, including the format and the accompanying email

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  • Adam Houlahan

    Adam Houlahan is an International Keynote Speaker specialising in Social Media for business, and CEO of the highly successful boutique agency, Web Traffic That Works. He is considered to be one of Australia’s leading experts in harnessing the power of Linkedin. Over 12,200 people globally have sought his skill and insights to leverage this powerful platform.

    Worth $980.00

    1 on 1 live session (via Zoom) with Adam. During this 2 part live session, Adam will show you exactly what you need to do to improve your profile so you have a world class presence on LinkedIn.

    In part 2 Adam will help you design a bespoke LinkedIn strategy to generate high-quality leads or sales without the high cost of traffic ad spends.

    You will also receive a copy of Adam’s Amazon Best-Selling book The LinkedIn Playbook.

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    Worth $499.00

    Your LinkedIn profile can be amongst the top 5% in the next 30 days with our LinkedIn marketing course.

    Creating an exceptional profile on LinkedIn is the first step in using this powerful platform to generate thousands of dollars in sales, and connecting with your ideal clients or referral partners. Over the next 5 Days we will send you the simple steps that will guide you through the process.

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  • Kate Christie

    Time Management expert, international Speaker and the best selling Author. I consult to small, medium and big business, government departments and C suite executives on individual, team and organisational productivity. I have a reputation for helping my clients find and harness 30 hours of lost time a month.

    Worth $5500

    You are extraordinary. When you gain control of your time you will be unstoppable. 

    You have so many balls in the air that the juggle is becoming increasingly hard to sustain. The very real risk is not that one or two balls will drop, but that you will drop the lot. This represents a significant risk to your ability to maintain the pace, let alone to up the ante and grow your success.

    The Solution = 1:1 Time Transformation Coaching (the 5 SMART steps to finding 30 hours of lost time a month) includes:

    • 1:1 coaching with Kate Christie
    • 9 week 1:1 (via Zoom or Skype) productivity and business coaching tailored to your specific needs
    • 1 x 30 min introduction to the Program
    • 6 x 1 hour weekly sessions (deep dive into the 5 SMART Steps)
    • 3 x 1 hour motivational/ implementation/ trouble shooting sessions
    • All materials

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    Worth $375

    DIY Time Transformation Program (the 5 SMART steps to finding 30 hours of lost time a month)

    The DIY program is designed to make my coaching as accessible to as many people as possible. The Time Stylers 30 Day DIY Time Transformation Program is for people who want the benefit of my coaching in a convenient, self paced, ‘take-away’ option.

    The Time Stylers 30 Day DIY Time Transformation Program is a digital product designed for incredibly busy people just like you who simply do not have the time to reframe your time yourself. For high performers who would love access to a ready made, end to end solution which walks you through a SMART 5 step process to help you find and harness 30 hours of lost time a month

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  • We Fill Events

    We’re a global event promotion company specialising in filling events for professional speakers and entrepreneurs who build their businesses through live events! To date we’ve filled over 975 events and registered close to 300,000 people all over the world and in the process, assisted ethical speakers to build big businesses using the power of live events!

    Worth $4,500

    Claim one of the coveted spots on the We Fill Events exclusive 4-day Masterclass Speaker Accelerator held in Melbourne January 31st through February 3rd 2018.

    Skyrocket Your Speaking Business in 2018 At Our 4-Day Live Speaker Masterclass Where You Will Learn the 3 Crucial Elements to Success From The Stage…

    1) Stagecraft – being an actual masterful presenter
    2) Business & Marketing – fine tuning your business around events and learning how to fill them
    3) Event Management – learning the intricacies to designing and managing events

    You’ll be joined and trained by international speakers and successful entrepreneurs Andrew Griffiths, Paul Dunn, Marnie LeFevre, Travis Bell, Bree James, Kim Hesse, Levi Sanford & Josh Smith who’ll assist you to builder a strong, more profitable speaking business in 2018.

    This one-of-a-kind training has been labelled by best-selling author of Key Person of Influence Daniel Priestley: “THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE, ALL-IN-ONE SPEAKER TRAINING IN THE WORLD… HANDS DOWN”

    This training is for any professional speaker serious about building 7+ figure businesses using live events as well as entrepreneurs who rely on live events to accelerate the lead generation and sales of their core businesses.

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    Worth $2,500

    Go in the draw to win 12-months access to the recently launched, highly anticipated online training platform exclusive to professional speakers: The Speaker Circle.

    The Speaker Circle is the culmination of close to 1,000 events promoted all over the globe and the never before released IP that has helped entrepreneurs build 7+ figure businesses from the stage. When you become a member of The Speaker Circle, you gain access to a unique and elite tribe of speakers all over the globe who like you run events to grow their businesses fast.

    This online training platform like nothing else out there is a members only, state of the art portal stuffed with a massive HD library giving you access-on-any-device training videos. On top of that it gets you access to special web events, invite-only online community, industry insight podcasts and specialised content from guest contributors who’ve built wildly successful businesses through the power of live events.

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